Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Picks

Magna 5
A Rose for You, Goldsville, Into My Soul, Mutak Gold, Wiggle and a Wink

Big A
1st - Beam of Love
5th - Kiss the Cruiser

Gulfstream Park
3rd - Dixie Love
5th - Many Kisses
7th - (exacta box) Wise Passion and Celebrating Love
10th - Jo Jo Love

4th - Sweet Lil Thief
5th - Mario Flowers
Late double: (Best Bet) 8th and 9th: Emma's Valentine and A Rose For You

1 comment:

kyla said...

Aqueduct: 1 win, 1 place

Laurel: 1 win, 2 show, 1 scratch

Magna 5: 1 win, 1 show (at least your horse was on the board), 1 scratch, 2 off the board

Gulfstream: Both exacta horses scratched, all others off the board.

Consensus: love kinda saves the day...other than at Gulfstream.